In this block, I am going to show you how we can get the current recordId (recordId from URL) in flow. So, open Setup >> Search for flow >> New Flow >> Screen Flow.

Step 1: Create a variable name “recordId”. Make sure the “Available for input” checkbox is checked.

Step 2: Drag the screen and add the variable name as below and Save.

Step 3: Add the flow on the record page to verify the recordId in the variable. Open the record page of the Account and click on the edit page.

Step 3: Drag the flow component on page and select your flow name. Give the same variable name as flow.

Step 4: Save the page and go back to your account record page. And you will see something like the below.

Hope you got your solution. You can comment below for any quires.


2 Replies to “How to get the current recordID in a Flow?”

  1. Thanks for the article, but may I ask what will be the usecase where do we need to display current record I’d when it’s already available on the url? To display 18digit?

    1. It just an example to get the current record id in flow. You can use this in any scenario/use case.
      For instance, you want to find the contact list which is related to the current record.

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