Advanced Apex Specialist Challenge 1

Here is the solution:-
  1. Install this unmanaged Superbadge package 
  2. Update the Product Family field on the Product2 sObject to only have the following values: Entree, Side, Dessert, Beverage
  3. Update the Product page layout to include the Initial Inventory, Quantity Ordered, and Quantity Remaining fields
  4. Update the Account page layout “Account page layout” to display the Orders-related list.
  5. Remove the Contract Number field from the Order page layout if it is currently there
  6. Delete the Apex class named PackageTests.
  7. Create the class Constants
public class Constants {
	public static final Integer DEFAULT_ROWS = 5;
    public static final String SELECT_ONE = Label.Select_One;
    public static final String INVENTORY_LEVEL_LOW = Label.Inventory_Level_Low;
    public static final List<Schema.PicklistEntry> PRODUCT_FAMILY = Product2.Family.getDescribe().getPicklistValues();
    public static final String DRAFT_ORDER_STATUS = 'Draft';
    public static final String ACTIVATED_ORDER_STATUS = 'Activated';
    public static final String INVENTORY_ANNOUNCEMENTS = 'Inventory Announcements';
    public static final String ERROR_MESSAGE = 'An error has occurred, please take a screenshot with the URL and send it to IT.';
    public static final Id STANDARD_PRICEBOOK_ID = '01s2v00000A5m7gAAB';//Find this id in your org

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