Add Custom Button on Related List of Object In Lightning

In this article, we are going to learn about how we can add a custom button on the related list. Sometimes we got the requirements, we have to automate something on button click.

Below we will use two object:-

  1. Class(Parent)
  2. Student(Child)
Step:- 1 Create “List Button” on the child object.
1.Create Button
Step:- 2 Go to on Parent object and edit the page layout.
2.Edit PageLayout
Step:- 3 Click on “Related List” then click on icon.
3.Edit Related List
Step:- 4 Shift the button left to right and click below ok button then save the page layout.
4.Add Button
Step:- 5 Go to the related list of the parent object. You will able to see that button. As show on below image.
5.Button on relatedList

You can perform any functionality on this button as per your business requirement. I hope you like this article. Feel free to connect with me and subscribe for further updates.