5 steps of any process builder

Some previous article we had discussed about the first automation tools of Salesforce Workflow Rule. Below the article I have mentioned all the links so, you can go through those links. Now, we are here to discuss about Salesforce second automation tool Process Builder. It is a more powerful tool than the workflow rule. As we had discussed in short, our article Declarative Automation Tools in Salesforce.

First, we will discuss about basics of Process Builder then we will work on scenarios. So, Process Builder is one of the declarative automation tools which is provided by the Salesforce. And Process Builder provides us some automation. We use that functionality as per our business requirements. 


We can use a process builder to perform around eleven automation. Below is the list of automation.    


Create a Record   

Email Alerts   


Post to Chatter   


Quick Action   


Send Custom Notification   

Submit for Approval   

Update Records 

I hope now you have a basic idea Process Builder. Now, we will discuss the scenarios for more understanding of how this tool works.  

Scenario: – You are working in the XYZ organization. And your organization want when a new employee joins the company. His/her email id created automatically by using the last name of name and with the company name. Whenever we will enter the data of new employees with there last name, an email will be auto-generated. So, In this article, we will work on this scenario and do the task through process builder. 

Step: – 1 First we need to create an Employee object and some fields like first name, last name, joining date and email etc.  

Step: – 2 Now, Search for process builder from Quick Find box. Then click on the new button.  

Fill all the details of the process in the opened popup.  

Step: – 3 You have to select the object on which you want to apply the process. In our case, the object name is an employee. So, I select the employee object. 

Step: – 4 Set the criteria, the process will only run when criteria will match or full fill by event(insert). Like, the last name is necessary for email id. So, we have to put the criteria for lastName. Make sure it can’t be null. 

Note: – You can set more criteria according to requirement.

Step: -5 After the criteria, We will set the action. Whenever any record of employee has inserted with lastName, action will update the record with the email id of the employee. 

Step: -6 Activate the process and test it by creating the records. 

Wow, we have done it, it’s working fine.  

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