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Are you Salesforce developer or Admin? I bet you this article will be very helpful for you. Before starting the article, I want to ask some question to you.  

Have you sometimes frustrated with finding API of Fields when a lot of similar fields are available in the object? I know your answer is yes.   

Have you frustrate to creating the same fields form one object to another object. Again, your answer is yes.   

Have you frustrate to write a similar query for the object again and again. Still, your answer will be yes.  

So, I have a solution for you. Today, I am going to present you very useful and exciting Salesforce DevTools which gone a help you to do all these frustrating things easily. Yup, you read right.  

Basically, Salesforce DevTools is a chrome extension which will be work for you. Following are the features of this extension.  

  1. Show Object API name  
  2. Apex code generator  
  3. Query editor  
  4. Export Data  
  5. Mass Edit 
  • Mass Delete  
  • Mass Clone  
  • Mass Clone to another Object  

Except this some extra features are also available like Debug log, Search Object etc.  

Are you excited to see how all the features work? So, Let’s start one by one and see how all the features work.  

Show Object API name

When you open the detail page of the record. Click on the right-side extension icon and click on the first option “Show Object API Name”. All the API name of fields show below of the label of the fields.   

Apex Code Generator

When you choose the second option “Apex Code Generator”. It will create the code of object insertion with the value of fields. Which record page you have opened.  

Query Editor

Now the third option is here. It will create a query for you. Below is the checkbox with fields. Select the checkbox and add the field in the query.  

Note:- you can export all the query records in the excel file.  

Hope you are enjoying the features. Comments below which feature is more useful for you. Now, we are going to discuss the main feature of it. Yes, It is a mass edit. So, let’s begin.  

Mass Edit

So, see the below image. When you add the extension successfully mass edit option will be showing with the standard buttons.   

When you click on Mass edit button. All the fields will be open as edit mode. You can able to see left side checkboxes. You can select it which field you want to clone or delete. You can clone the field in the same object and also in another object.  

Download the extension from Click Here.

I hope you will enjoy the tool. Comment below how this tool gone a help you. And share the article between your friends and group. So, more people get the help of tools. And subscribe to our blog for the latest updates.   

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