Time-dependent Workflow Rule

I hope you are enjoying my article. So, today we are going to discuss about a complimentary feature of the workflow rule. i.e., Time-dependent action. In our previous article “Workflow Rule in Salesforce “ . We have talked about updating a field behalf of some criteria. But that was instant action. Workflow rules fire instantly when criteria have met. But the Time-dependent action fire at a specific time which you have specified. So, Let’s go with one small scenario.

Example: – Suppose your organization wants when the Case is created with high priority. You have to send a follow-up email after 1 hour to the customer contact email.

Let’s done this scenario together.

Step 1: First, we have to open the workflow rule Quick Find >> Workflow Rule. And select the object from picklist on which object you want to write a rule. In our case, Case is the object, I have chosen the Case and click on next.

Step 2: – Give the rule name and select the radio button when your workflow rule checks the below criteria. As I selected the last one, It will check the criteria when any activity will happen on case records like create and update.

Step 3: – Now, you have to click on the Add Time Trigger button. And set the time. Here, you can set time in Days/Hours and Before/After as per your requirement. For our scenario, I have chosen 1 hour and after Case is created.

Step 4: –Now, you need to provide some description, name, and Email Template. Also set the recipients, whom you want to send the email. And click the Save & Next button.

Note: – You can enter up to five (5) email addresses to be notified.

Step 5: – Now, you just activate the workflow rule and enjoy it.

Wow, we have done it. I hope you enjoy the article. Practice it with different scenarios. Please comment below your review and query. And share it in your group. So, more people learn from it.

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