Workflow Rule in Salesforce

Workflow Rules is very basic declarative tools which are given by Salesforce. Read my previous article “Declarative Automation Tools in Salesforce”, if you don’t know about declarative tools and how many tools provided by Salesforce.   

Workflow Rules is giving some automation functionality, which you can use in your business application for some automation process. And All you can do with without a single line of code.  

Example: – Suppose you are Salesforce administrator of the organization “xyztechonology”.  Now your organization wants when a new employee joins your organization email id automatically generate by “name + organization name”. So, you can write the workflow rule for this process.   

We can use this tool for the following purpose: –  

New Task   

New Email Alert   

New Field Update   

New Outbound Message  

If you have remembered the previous article example i.e., If the Amount of Opportunity is equal and greater than 50000. Then Opportunity Stage field update as Closed Won. So, Let’s done the scenario together.   

Step 1: – Open the workflow Rule  “Quick Find>>Search Workflow Rule>>New Rule”.   

Step 2: – Select the object on which you want to write this rule. In our case, Opportunity is the object. So, we will select Opportunity from picklist and click on next.  

Step 3: – Here, you have to give the name of your rule. So, I fill the name “AmountAndStageRelatio”.  

Step 4: – Evaluation Criteria is nothing, but when you want to perform the process?   

When is the record created?  

Created and every time’s edited?  

Created and anytime ‘s met the criteria?  

If I tell you general language select the first radio button if you want to fire the workflow only and only when the record is inserted. Choose the second button if you’re going to fire the workflow during the insertion and updating the record. And choose the last one if you want workflow fire whenever criteria are matched.   

Step 5: – Rule criteria is the place, where you have written the criteria. You can write the criteria in two ways, either using an operator or using formula. Select from given picklist accordingly. Now, we should go with the operators. Look above the image. I have already set the criteria. So,  click on Save & Next button.   

Step 6: – Now, you have to set the action. What action you want to perform when criteria met.   

So, I have set the action update the Stage field as Closed Won. And active the workflow.   

Now, I have created the Opportunity record with amount 50000. You will see, Stage field automatically updated as Closed Won.  

Wow, we did it, the stage appears Closed Won automatically. I like your patient and learning skill.    

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